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Catholic Courses with Fr. Ben

Catholic Courses with Fr. Ben


8 Weeks
April 19th - June 14th
Thursday Evenings at 7pm
Rectory Conference Room

New Catholic Courses 8 week series with Fr. Ben.  Meeting weekly on Thursday, April 19th thru June 14th at 7 pm in the Rectory Conference Room.  This course will be done in two parts, first covering the Book of Daniel for 4 weeks, followed by 4 weeks with the Book of Revelation.  Please join us for this new class.  To register call the parish office at 310.476.7403 or email to

Part 1:  The Book of Daniel invites the reader to explore a unique chapter in salvation history. Today’s Christians can feel intimidated by society’s increasing disdain for religion, something which Daniel understood all too well. God’s faithfulness to Daniel during his persecutions and sufferings is the same faithfulness he offers us today. Daniel is thus a very timely book for today’s Christians, reminding us of the unchanging nature of God’s love and fidelity, even in the midst of darkness.

Part 2:  Fr. Alfred McBride, O. Praem. sets the record straight with an authentic Catholic interpretation of the Book of Revelation. He gives you three keys to understanding the Book of Revelation and offers sustaining hope for Christians who have experienced or will experience the trials and persecutions that have always accompanied the Church. In addition to discussing the end of the world, Fr. McBride presents authentic Catholic teaching on topics including the Rapture, the "mark of the beast," the Antichrist, the thousand years of peace, and more in this course, Unveiling the Apocalypse.

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