Preparation for Marriage

To begin the marriage preparation process, couples should make an appointment to meet with a Catholic priest of their choice to set the date and discuss marriage preparations. We strongly recommend that you contact our office at least six months prior to the marriage to allow time to complete all requirements.


1) Baptismal Certificate: All Catholics are required to submit a recently issued baptismal certificate issued within the last 6 months from the Church of their baptism.

Christians baptized in other churches are also required to submit their baptismal certificates . An original copy is accepted.

2) Dispensation: A dispensation is required for a Catholic who marries a non-Catholic in with the promise of raising their children in the Catholic faith is signed.

3) Letters of Freedom: Each person needs to have two (2) witnesses to sign the letter of freedom stating that he/she is free to get married.

4) Pre-Nuptial Inquiry: This document will be completed with the priest.


Couple Preparation

1) FOCCUS: (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding & Study) is an instrument, NOT A TEST for marriage preparation. Once finished with this instrument, the couple will make an appointment to meet with a marriage counselor to review the results. Dr. Mike DiPaolo: 310-268-7792 or 310-403-7792 and the priest will also discuss the results with the couple.

2) ENGAGED ENCOUNTER WEEKEND: It is strongly recommended that couples should register for the Engaged Encounter Weekend. For information and registration and availability visit the website: www.CEEofLA.org or call (888) 267-3600.



The parish priest is here to help you in every way possible. He normally officiates at the wedding ceremony. If you request the priest to officiate your marriage ceremony outside of the parish, a stipend of $300 should be paid to St. Martin of Tours Church (not to the priest) for his service.


If a guest priest is to perform the wedding ceremony, delegation from the pastor or his associate is necessary. The guest priest is expected to do the preparation work, unless it is impossible for him to do so. All necessary documents should be given to the pastor or his associate at least one month before the wedding. Upon receipt of all the papers, permission/delegation will be given to him by the pastor or his associate. If difficulties are encountered in this matter, please consult with us.


The priest will meet with you one month before your wedding to discuss the ceremony. All questions concerning the Liturgy and the Biblical Readings are to be referred to the priest.


Friday evening: 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm Saturday:
10:30am or 11:00 am
1:00 pm
3:00 pm
Sunday: No Weddings (There are no exceptions)

MUSIC: Please contact Phyllis Conkle 310-393-6904

Couples have the freedom to choose the singer(s) and the musician(s) to perform at their weddings. You can contact them directly and select music with them. All selections are to be approved by the priests.

It is the policy of St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church to use our own professional soloists (singers & musicians) who have Catholic liturgical experience.


The rehearsal is conducted by the Wedding Coordinator, Mrs. Phyllis Conkle, whose home phone number is (310) 393-6904. She will coordinate the time of the wedding rehearsal and she will be present to coordinate your wedding ceremony.


Photographing and videotaping are permitted during the ceremony. The photographer must consult with the priest before the wedding. The video photographer should follow the same

procedure. To avoid confusion, the photographing and the videotaping should be discussed with the priest during the marriage preparation procedures. No strobe or floodlights are permitted during the marriage ceremony. No manned cameras are allowed in the sanctuary area. An unmanned camera must be in such a position so as not to interfere with the aesthetic beauty of the sanctuary - in other words it should be hardly visible.

NopicturesareallowedintheChurchaftertheceremony.However,exceptions canbemade under special circumstances. You should discuss this with the priest. Once again, the Church must be cleared by 4:00 pm for parishioners who are entering the Church for Confessions. This time is also utilized for Church preparation for the Saturday Vigil Mass at 5:30 pm.


Flowers are entirely your responsibility. We request that any flowers in the sanctuary should be left as donated gifts to the Church. The parish office can provide a receipt for the donation of the flowers. The Church assumes no cost for flowers. No flowers may be attached to the pew with metal wire or tape. No asparagus fern is allowed because it is so difficult to clean off the carpet. No flower arrangements are allowed on the altar. No runners are permitted for reasons of safety and of preservation of the carpet. Usage of flower petals before, during or after the Wedding Ceremony is not permitted.


The Church is first and foremost a non-profit religious institution, but at the same time, it is a physical building. Therefore, there are expenses for maintaining the parish. So, we ask for your support to be able to continue to provide services. Please understand that your donation is not the price of your wedding ceremony because the grace of God is absolutely free and cannot be bought, but rather, it is a contribution to the mission of the Church.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, the priest would be more than happy to discuss the matter with you.


List of Donation and Fees

Church: $600
Organist: $200
Cantor: $200
Wedding Coordinator: $200
Marriage Counselor: $125
Altar Servers (2): $20/each

Contact information:
Parish Office: 310-476-7403
Rehearsal & Ceremony: Phyllis Conkle 310-393-6904