It is natural to think that because the Church is well established there are already “people” doing every job within the parish. Truly, without the help and support of those of us in the pews, it would be very difficult indeed! SMT parish needs each of us to help in supporting our pastor and his associates to do the crucial work of our Lord and his Church.

As a parish reliant on prayer, the best way to serve your parish is with your active participation in Mass every weekend and Holy Days of Obligation. By joining your prayers to those of your fellow parishioners, and showing by your presence how important it is to participate in the eucharistic life of your parish, you strengthen the entire Body of Christ.

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Liturgical Ministries


 St Paul reminds us that although we are one body, God has given each of us a uniquely different gift. Can you carry a tune? Perhaps the Music ministry is for you? Like to meet and greet? How about our Hospitality Ministry or ushering at a weekend Mass? Have a gift for public speaking? Sign up for Lector training. Bringing Christ to others through the Eucharistic Ministry, the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ is a great powerful and humbling honor.

While at Mass and in your personal prayer time, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in other ways you can serve your parish, either through a ministry or one of our outreach committees. Take an honest look at your God given talents and strengths, and reflect on how you can best use them for His great glory.


Liturgical Ministries

  • Altar Servers - Get your kids involved, sign them up to help serve at Mass

  • Eucharistic

  • Lectors

  • Ushers

  • Sacristans

  • Music Ministries

  • Hospitality