You Are Next!!

February 10, 2019

Please welcome Patrick Kelly, the Principal of St. Cecilia Catholic School in downtown Los Angeles, as we launch the 2019 Together In Mission campaign.

TIM’s goal is based on 10% of the annual ordinary income of each parish, so it varies each year. SMT’s goal has stayed in the $80K range over the years. We have been fairly consistent in meeting our goals, with the exception being in 2017, which had a very low result.

Here is a summary of our last two years of TIM:

2017 2018 2019

Goal $80,000 $86,995 $79,700

Paid $60,995 $89,804

Thank you for your continued support of the Together In Mission campaign. Please know that your contributions make a huge difference to our many brothers and sisters within our Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Many of these Catholic schools and parishes would not survive without this campaign. If you did not participate in last year’s campaign, please consider contributing this year. Envelopes are in the pews and at the church entrances. You can also contribute on our website,

We see the pattern of God’s call in today’s Scripture readings. God’s first step is His self-revelation. God always initiates contact with us. We do not “find God.” Rather, we are found by God. When encountering God, we realize our unworthiness and try to avoid His call. Moses tried to convince God that he couldn’t speak, Jeremiah reasoned he was too young, and Isaiah said he was too unclean. Our lame excuses make God seem unintelligent, because if God knows what He is doing, then He would certainly not choose us. As I shared with you last week, God’s call is irrevocable – you can never escape God’s hand. In the end, the chosen willingly accept the call.

Peter goes through this same pattern with Jesus. Jesus wants to use Peter’s boat for preaching, which is understandable. Then, Jesus commands Peter to go fishing. Peter is tired after an unsuccessful night of fishing and is cleaning the boat for tomorrow, so going out to fish again seems like a futile effort. Peter is probably thinking “Who is this young preacher? Does he want to fish for fun? He doesn’t seem all that interested in the fishing equipment.”

The miraculous catch of fish is not the main point of this incident. It is about Jesus’ revelation to Peter. Like Isaiah, Peter realizes his unworthiness and feels that he should not be in Jesus’ presence, which is a useless thought because Peter then leaves everything and immediately follows him.

Jesus revealed himself to the shepherds, the Magi, Simeon, and now Peter. He continues to reveal himself to people throughout the Gospels and to the present day. You are next!

Kathryn Richards