God is at work in our world!

June 10, 2018

I have spent much more time planning for my eternal life than my retirement.  I think this mentality reflects the situation that dioceses all over the world find themselves in today: we have not planned well for our priests’ retirement. Because of this, I ask for your support of the Priest Retirement Fund, which began last Sunday.

Most retired priests continue to impact lives every day. They serve and give of themselves even after retirement.  We all benefit and are grateful for their dedication. Please, prayerfully consider making a gift to support these retired priests.  Envelopes are in the pews, or you can contribute on our website: www.saintmartinoftours.com.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

A Novena of Masses will be dedicated to all fathers, living and deceased, beginning on Father’s Day, June 17th.

I personally invite you to join me on the pilgrimage to Marian Shrines, beginning on September 24 through October 6th.  This pilgrimage will travel through France, Spain and Portugal. 

As of the 17th century, the entire month of May is consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The May Crowning is a traditional devotion, in addition to pilgrimages to churches and sites where Mary appeared to people.  

Pilgrimages didn’t attract me much in the past because I reasoned that God is everywhere, so it wasn’t necessary to go find Him.  However, after spending a week in Rome and Paris several years ago, I had a complete change of heart. 

I marveled at the engineering and architectural feats of the magnificent churches, but what I really saw was the blood of the martyrs who gave up their lives, the sweats and tears that the laborers poured into the construction, and most of all, the devotion of our ancestors in faith, who made these churches a reality today. 

Amongst the thousands of tourists, I noticed many pilgrims from all over the world spending time there in deep prayer.  In fact, I saw with my own eyes a small parish in Paris where parishioners “fight” to get their names on the 24-hour adoration sign-up sheet! 

These expressions of devotion and faith were so inspirational to me.  The media constantly reports how people are becoming more secular, leaving the Catholic faith, don’t pray or go to church anymore.  Seeing firsthand these pilgrims from all over the world brings me such joy and hope.  I know that God is at work in our world.  I hope you will join me for a life-changing experience!


Kathryn Richards