Preparing the Way of the Lord

June 24. 2018

Congratulations to Fr. Donie as we celebrate the very special occasion of his 50th anniversary of priesthood ordination! Please join Fr. Donie at the 11:30 AM Mass and a reception in the Parish Center afterwards to celebrate and thank him for his faithful and generous service to the Church and to St. Martin of Tours parish.  May God in His goodness continue to bless him with joy and peace!

We have received $2,300 for the Priest Retirement Fund collection. Thank you!

Please warmly welcome Fr. Tom Healy, who will assist us with Mass during the month of July while Fr. Donie and I are away.  Fr. Tom is a retired priest from the Savannah Diocese in Georgia.  We are thankful that he is available and willing to assist us. 

The installation of the AC/Heating unit was completed on May 18th.  The installation took longer than we had anticipated, but it is working well! I thank you for your patience and cooperation while Mass was held in the Parish Center.  Many parishioners expressed that it was a very pleasant, intimate experience. I personally enjoyed it as well.

I took advantage of this time to repair and repaint the pillars, the walls with the benches and the bathrooms inside the Church. After 30 years of neglect, the walls were deteriorating due to water leaking from the roof and the windows.  These leaks were repaired last summer as a part of the Parish Center’s roof repair project.

A new security camera system will be installed during the summer as part of our Security Enhancement project.  This project covers the entire campus, both inside and outside of all buildings.

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.  It is a bit unusual that we celebrate this feast on a Sunday. The Second Vatican Council established a hierarchy of feast days: solemnities, feasts, obligatory memorials, and optional memorials.

The Sundays during special seasons like Advent and Lent take precedence over feast days, but during Ordinary Time, the liturgical calendar is more flexible.  The Solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist is on June 24 and this year it falls on Sunday.

John the Baptist is regarded as one of the great saints of the early Church.  According to popular belief, (although the church never declared this), he was born without the Original Sin because at the Visitation, he recognized Christ from the womb and “leaped for joy.” Creating a bridge from the old to the new covenant, John prepared the way of the Lord, always pointing us toward the Messiah.


Kathryn Richards