Transforming into a Resurrection People

Easter Sunday April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!  May the Risen Lord be a living experience to you, pervading every aspect of your life, blessing you, strengthening you, inspiring you, guiding you, and supporting you always.

St. Paul said, If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain; and your Faith is in vain” (I Cor 15: 14).  The Resurrection of Jesus is both the foundation of our faith and the foundation of our hope.  “Hope” as a virtue has a different meaning than our normal use of the word, which depends on intellectual reality projecting a result into the future.  The virtue of Hope relies solely on the person of God, on who God is, and what God can do.  Without fighting for his life, Jesus surrendered his will to go through the Passion because he placed his entire hope in God alone.  The Resurrection is the extraordinary, unthinkable result of his Hope.

Christ’s Resurrection is the crux of our faith and the paramount theme of the Apostles’ preaching.  Throughout humanity, life after death has been a topic of debate. Some believe that there is no life after death. Others, while believing that there is life after death, differ in the modes of existence, such as reincarnation, the spirit world, etc.  However, none put forth the resurrection as we believe, that our human life will continue with its own transformed body.

When God liberated the Israelites from Egypt, Pharaoh endured nine plagues to keep the Israelites captive.  God’s tenth plague proved that He alone has power over life and death.  It broke Pharaoh’s iron will because Pharaoh knew that he was powerless over God’s will.

The Apostles realized this great truth after witnessing the Risen Lord.  Transformed completely from fearful into fearless, from weak to strong, from timid to brave, why be afraid of anything if the One who sent them forth has the sole authority over life and death? The Apostles and countless others suffered martyrdom in the name of Christ solely because they placed their hope in the God of Life.

Many of us live in fear; fearful of incidents such as mass shootings, natural disasters, financial crisis and a future that we cannot control.  Fear causes us to withdraw and search for security in things we think we can control.  Fear essentially takes away the joy of in our life.  Fear is Satan’s most powerful weapon against us.   

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.” St. Pope John Paul II

May the Risen Christ imbue in us the courage, confidence and conviction of Jesus’ Resurrection power.  Like the Apostles, countless martyrs and saints, we too can transform into the Resurrection People in our lifetime.


Kathryn Richards