Preparing for the Bridegroom

November 12, 2017

The Committee for the Poor begins their annual Christmas Homeless Bags Drive by making their appeal at all Masses this weekend. 

As of last year, our school community began an annual celebration of St. Martin of Tours’ Feast Day by dedicating the entire day to a variety of service projects in the spirit of our Patron Saint.  It is with this same spirit that the Committee for the Poor is dedicated to this annual project, and I ask your support of their efforts.

I sincerely want to thank the committee for their outstanding efforts throughout the year in helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  I also want to thank all of you SMT parishioners for your incredible generosity in supporting and participating in the annual Homeless Bag project.

Additionally, the Committee will collect warm items (coats, blankets, gloves, etc.) this Sunday only.  Please leave your warm items in the Parish patio area.

I encourage all of you to join us for our annual Thanksgiving Dinner next Sunday after 5:30pm Mass.  The dinner is hosted by the Knights of Columbus.

Josh McDowell tells of an executive "head-hunter" (recruiter) who goes out and hires corporate executives for large firms. This recruiter once told McDowell that when he finds an executive that he's trying to hire for someone, he likes to disarm him. "I offer him a drink," said the recruiter, "take my coat off, then my vest, undo my tie, throw up my feet and talk about baseball, football, family, whatever, until he's all relaxed. Then, I lean over, look him square in the eye and say, ‘What's your purpose in life?' It's amazing," said the recruiter, "how top executives fall apart at that question." Then he told about a recent interview with a potential executive recruit. Thinking he had him disarmed, feet up on his desk and talking football, the recruiter leaned over and said, "What's your purpose in life, Bob?" And the executive said, without blinking an eye, "To go to Heaven and take as many people with me as I can." "For the first time in my career," said the recruiter, "I was speechless." [Stories For the Heart, 1996]

In the Bible, a “wedding banquet” represents the ultimate reality of heaven.  When we are in heaven we are in union with God, like the union of the Holy Trinity.  The image of marriage is used to describe this union.  Naturally, the marriage union between God and His people is an occasion of great celebration.  God gives us the bridegroom, Jesus. Today’s parable tells us that Jesus comes to bring us into his wedding banquet, this heavenly union.  Sadly, the foolish virgins were totally unprepared for this banquet. Like the foolish virgins, when our “purpose in life” is focused on worldly things and not about being prepared for the bridegroom, we may miss our chance at this wedding banquet, this heavenly union.

Kathryn Richards