Masses for the Week


Saturday, September 9, 2017
        8:15 am  Fr. Donie
        Confessions4:15 pm-5 pm  Fr. Donie  
        5:30 pm    Robert Flynn, R.I.P.  Fr. Donie                                                      

Sunday, September 10,  2017
         7:30 am    Clare Smurda, Spec. Int.    Fr. Donie
         9:30 am  Sister Mary Paschal, R.I.P. Fr. Donie
         11:30am   Caldwell Bogert, Spec. Int.  Fr. Donie
         5:30 pm    John & Assunta Fasano, R.I.P.

Monday, September 11  8:15 am

Tuesday, September 128:15am  

Wednesday, September 138:15 amP.A. Abraham, RIP

Thursday, September 148:15 amElinor Woods, RIP

Friday, September 15    8:15 am

Saturday, September 16, 2017
          8:15 am    Fr. Ben
         Confessions4:15 pm-5 pm  Fr. Donie
         5:30 pm    Shauna & Alex, Spec. Int.  Fr. Ben

Sunday, September 17,  2017
        7:30 am    Olga Baldassano, R.I.P.    Fr. Donie
        9:30 am  Maria Teresa Cabali, Spec. Int.  Fr. Ben
        11:30am   Father Gainy, R.I.P.   Fr. Donie
         5:30 pm   Josephine Ortegon, R.I.P.   Fr. Thinh


Michael Anilao