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Anointing of the sick

Most of the time, this sacrament of anointing of the sick is remembered by people as the “Last Rite.” The Church, after Jesus, continues its mission of healing, but over the time it shifts the emphasis from healing to the forgiveness of sins. Because of this, people usually wait until “the last minute” of the persons’ lives to receive this sacrament – as the last thing to receive. However, the Second Vatican Council reformed this practice by putting the emphasis on the communal prayer for the sick person. The sacraments must celebrate as a communal celebration. However, this is usually celebrated at home or in hospital due to the condition of the persons.

Therefore, any person who is seriously ill should call the priests to receive this sacrament.

Anointing Procedure:

  1. The rite begins with the Sign of the Cross.
  2. The reading from Scripture is read.
  3. The priest prays and assures the sick person of the prayers of the parish and invites the sick person to pray for the needs of his or her fellow parishioners.
  4. The priest imposes hands on the head of the one to be anointed, prays over the oil and anoints the forehead and hands of the sick person.
  5. The priest prays for the sick person and invites all present to pray The Lord's Prayer. Holy Communion may be received at this time.
  6. The priest then blesses the sick person and all present.


For further information, call the Rectory Office at (310) 476-7403.

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